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We offer you the best bending technology in the Nordic countries, and excellent design services and production processes. All our services and processes are produced at our Punkaharju plant, which is cost-efficient and convenient to you.

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Product development and design

We will help you to solve your engineering challenges concerning design and implementation. We will produce prototypes and fulfill our customers’ technical plans to enable their efficient manufacture.

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Material management

We ensure fluent and efficient material flows through our extensive supplier network.

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Modern technology, quality assurance, 3D measurements and controlled processes ensure efficient production regardless of order volumes.

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Tube laser

Use of lasertechnology for cutting metal tubes enables the product to be completed in a single work stage. On top of the speed the method has many other benefits, ranging from tube modelling to minimizing waste material.

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Tube bending

We use metal tubes to make challenging parts, equipment and components for various industrial use. Based on computerized numerical control (CNC), our large number of bending machines make tube flanges, contractions, expansions and threads.

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Welding and assembly

We specialize in the welding of stainless and acid-proof steel items. Our expertise also covers assembly of the final product and efficient packaging for transportation.

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Surface treatment and stainless steel elctrolytic polishing

Surface treatment for a hygienic and smooth finish with better corrosion resistance. We perform high-quality electrolytic polishing to stainless steel. Other surface treatments are provided through our reliable network.

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Product quality guaranteed by a seamless Production process

We carry out all stages of the process in a flexible and professional manner.

Product development and design


Material selection


Prototypes and pre‑production series


Production and projects


Surface treatments


Final assembly and packaging

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