We bend metal tubes

We design and manufacture tube components and structures and products based on bent tube at our plant in Punkaharju, Finland. We are the leader in this field in the Nordic countries.

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Solutions based on our special expertise can be found at our large and long time customers. Our bent solutions and components can be seen in boats, vehicles, forestry machines, hospital equipment and energy plants.

we improve the efficiency of our customers manufacturing process, the usability and durability of our customers products, machines and equipment, all this is done through our customers’ end products, in close cooperation with our customers shaping the world into a better place. 

Our solutions

We solve production needs of the manufacturing industry on a daily basis, and develop our own product range. Our special expertise in metal bending and further processing is our greatest asset in all our solutions.

Component manufacturing – solutions for the manufacturing industry

We provide a range of services, using high quality and challenging stainless steel and carbon steel tube materials. We design and manufacture bent tubes for parts, accessories and components for various industrial needs.

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Marine – solutions for boat manufacturers

We have 40 years expertise in boat manufacturing solutions, such as bent railing components. We have been working in cooperation with Finnish boat manufacturers from the beginning of Joros story.

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Joros products – solutions for onshore construction

Joros products are our own branded products, delivered through retailers. our product range consists of onshore construction products, such as pier ladders and bollards.

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Full services from design to polishing

Joros expertise covers tube bending in particular, and related design and production services. The more closer we are to the end product, the more added value we can bring our customers!

Product development and design

We help you to solve engineering needs and challenges in the design and implementation of bent products into your own production process.

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Material management

We ensure fluent and efficient material flows around the world through our extensive supplier network.

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Our production includes metal sawing, laser tube cutting, forming of tube ends, welding compliant with standards, quality assurance and 3D measurements. Modern technology and controlled processes ensure efficient production regardless of order volumes.

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Tube laser

Use of lasertechnology for cutting metal tubes enables the product to be completed in a single work stage. On top of the speed the method has many other benefits, ranging from tube modelling to minimizing waste material.

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Tube bending

We use metal tubes to make challenging parts, equipment and components for various industrial use. Based on computerized numerical control (CNC), our large number of bending machines make tube flanges, contractions, expansions and threads.

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Welding and assembly

We specialize in the welding of stainless and acid-proof steel items. Our expertise also covers assembly of the final product and efficient packaging for transportation.

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Surface treatment and stainless steel elctrolytic polishing

Surface treatment for a hygienic and smooth finish with better corrosion resistance. We perform high-quality electrolytic polishing to stainless steel. Other surface treatments are provided through our reliable network.

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Joros as part of various industries’ production chains

We produce tailored solutions made of bent metal tubes to our finnish and international customers. With our special expertise we serve a wide range of industries, such as the energy and forest industry, manufacture of machines and vehicles, and the healthcare sector.

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From tube bending to manufacturing partner

Joros has decades of special expertise that only a few can master. Our skilled tube makers have been leading the field for over 40 years.

Our story


Summer break

We spend summer holidays in weeks 28-30, during this time our factory is closed. Please note that during that period (10.7.- 30.7.2023) there will be no shipments of the goods or reception of the goods. Have a wonderful summertime!    

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Merry Christmas!

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The ownership of Joros Oy has changed

Joros Holding Oy has sold 100 per cent of the shares in Joros Oy to Tamminen family and Peter Westerlund.

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