Component manufacturing – solutions for the manufacturing industry

Component manufacturing supports our customers’ manufacturing processes. We have capabilities to solve technically challenging design and manufacturing needs cost-efficiently, whether they involve large series or individual items components and parts.

We are able to process tubes of any diameter between 6 mm and 219 mm.

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Partner for demanding bending

We are an active and proactive component manufacturer. We establish an active dialogue with our customers in order to define the need and seek the best and most appropriate solutions for them. This helps our customers to focus on their core business, whether it concerns, for example, the manufacture of vehicles or hospital beds for the Finnish or international markets.

Partnership benefits for the manufacturing industry:

  • Support for product development, design and manufacture
  • More efficient manufacturing processes and quicker throughput time
  • Better quality of the end product
  • More flexible production process
  • Cost benefits
  • Satisfied end customer

How can we help you?

Have you got a specific need requiring a bent steel tube that you cannot find a ready-made solution? Make use of our more than 40 years of product development and manufacturing expertise in tube bending!

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