Data protection statement in accordance with section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99)

1. Register controller

Joros Oy
Palomäentie 47
PL 10, FI-58501 Punkaharju

Business ID 0533366-4

2. Person in charge of registry matters

Toni Pesonen

3. Name of the register

Customer register

4. Purpose of the register

Messages sent through a form, as well as the contact information provided, are stored in a database for the purposes of replying to the said messages. Registry data is processed in connection with marketing, as well as the maintaining and development of customer relationships. The customer has the right to refuse the use of their data by notifying Joros Oy.

4. Data contained in the register

  • Name
  • Company
  • Email address
  • Message

5. Regular sources of data in the register

Data is collected in the register through a contact form.

6. Disclosure of data

Joros Oy may disclose customer data to the extent permitted and required by applicable law.

7. Principle of the registry protection

The data system of the registry is protected by the technical security methods that are normally used in business operations. Access to the register requires a personal username and password, which are only issued to the staff of the register controller, whose positions and tasks the access rights are related to.