Tube laser – precision cutting

A tube laser is ideal for the cutting and making of holes in a variety and length of metal pipes and profiles. The method is cost-effective and quick production series, whether big or small. Laser cutting is based on precise 3D files to ensure that there will be no need to correct faults afterwards.

Advantages of laser cutting:

  • Suitable for complex items and tube.
  • Enables the manufacture of a product in many cases in a single work stage.
  • A variety of grooves can be created for tubes and profiles, and the tube ends can be designed in many ways.
  • Less material waste.

Technical information:

  • The maximum length of tubes to be cut is 6000 mm.
  • Maximum thicknesses for different materials: structural steel 8 mm, stainless/acid-proof steel 6 mm, aluminum 5 mm.