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We design, manufacture and polish bent tube solutions ranging from components and structures to complete products. We polish products using our own electrolytic polishing process at our Punkaharju production facility. Any other surface treatment can be obtained through our network.

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Electrolytic polishing is a chemical surface treatment method for stainless steel. It removes any base metals from the surface by means of an electric current and acids. The noble metal (chromium) that remains on the surface makes the steel shiny, hygienic and even more resistant to corrosion. The method evens out microscopic unevenness on the surface, creating a smooth and hygienic finish. The item’s corrosion resistance is also greatly improved.

Electrolytic polishing can be applied to stainless steel and acid-proof metals. The eletrolytic polishing is particularly suitable for the items of a complex shape.

Electrolytic polishing tank:

  • length 4000 mm
  • depth 1500 mm
  • width 1000 mm