The ownership of Joros Oy has changed

Joros Holding Oy has sold 100 per cent of the shares in Joros Oy to Tamminen family and Peter Westerlund

Joros Oy is a metal products and services company, located in Punkaharju, Eastern Finland. Joros Holding Oy has sold 100 per cent of the shares in Joros Oy to Tamminen family and Peter Westerlund. Peter Westerlund is a minority shareholder of Joros Oy and  will take over as the CEO of Joros Oy after a short transition period from his present job. Peter Westerlund, 53, has held several CEO and sales and marketing executive positions . The Chairman of Joros Oy is Jaakko Tamminen, 39.

As part of the acquisition agreement, it has been agreed that the CEO and earlier minority shareholder in Joros Oy, Toni Pesonen, 43 has committed to continue working for Joros Oy as CEO until Peter Westerlund takes over as the CEO and thereafter Toni will work as a technical adviser up to the end of the year 2022. With this arrangement the aim is to ensure a seamless and controlled continuation of the customer services as well as continuation of the production and development of Joros business.

Toni Pesonen about the ownership change: “During the acquisition process there was a mutual trust and respect built between the sellers and buyers. Based on that the sale of the shares to Tamminen family and Peter Westerlund brings Joros Oy Finnish owners who have experience and knowledge in metal industry and experience on developing business in metal sector. I see the future of Joros Oy to be bright and wish all the success for the new owners and Joros Oy”.

Peter Westerlund and Jaakko Tamminen about Joros Oy: ”We have found Joros Oy as a solid and well run company. Joros Oy is specialized, dedicated on customer service and it serves a large variety of interesting customer sectors. Joros own products are of high quality. We see growth opportunities in expanding services to existing customer sectors, in own products as well as in new geographical  markets. The company has strong knowledgeable personnel and design capabilities that support the development and growth of the company. Joros Oy has modern production facilities and machine tools. Our aim is to invest and develop Joros business on a long term basis”

Company information

Joros Oy,  established in 1983, is a specialized metal tubes and profiles processing. The company has large offering of services including product design, technical design, laser cutting of tubes and profiles, tube bending, welding and electrochemical polishing. Company’s customers are boat industry, machine building, energy processes , automotive industry, health care fittings and furniture industry. Joros Oy has a large population of bending machines  and modern approximately 5000 sqm production facility in Punkaharju, Eastern Finland. Joros Oy employs about 70 people.

More information:

Jaakko Tamminen +358408483570

Peter Westerlund +358500451916

Toni Pesonen +358505945035