Joros Aalto ladder


The ladder with five steps, made of two strong pipes are well suited for sturdy piers. The gentle angle of the steps ensures that you can go for a swim safely, whether you are a child, adult or have reduced mobility.

The steps made of pressure-impregnated timber and the frame made of stainless steel give the ladder a stylish finish.

The ladder can be equipped with a quick fastener and an extension with two steps.

You can choose between AISI304 or AISI316 as the frame’s steel quality. AISI304 “stainless steel” is the ideal alternative for freshwater.

Unlike often believed, stainless steel will ultimately become corroded, but it just takes longer than other materials. Corrosion is affected by the conditions, such as temperature, humidity and especially the water salinity. This is why we recommend AISI316 “acid-resistant” steel for saltwater conditions. 

Through proper maintenance, such as washing and waxing, the ladders will last much longer and in rapidly changing weather conditions.

Joros Aalto

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