Product quality guaranteed by a seamless
production - process

We carry out all stages of the process in a flexible and professional manner.

1. Product development and design

We help our customers understand the manufacturing specifics of their product without compromising on its design.

2. Material selection

We are able to arrange material flows according to the customer's wishes from anywhere in the world.

3. Prototypes and pre-production series

We can manufacture prototypes and pre-production series quickly and cost-effectively, thanks to our efficient production processes.

4. Production and projects

We use modern production technologies: sawing, laser cutting, bending (Ø6–225 mm), tube end forming, standards-compliant welding, quality control, and 3D measuring.

5. Surface treatments

We offer high-quality electrolytic polishing for stainless steel. Our partner network can handle all surface treatments.

6. Final assembly and packaging

We have the expertise required for both assembly work and the packaging of domestic and international shipments.

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