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JOROS virta

JOR410 JOR411

Marine power supply

  • 16A, Class IP56 for the plugging
  • Weather proof and durable
  • Frame made of stainless steel
  • Electrochemically polished
  • The LED light element has a 6-year warranty
joros-virta scale image

Swim step

JOROS laine

4-step swim step

JOROS aalto

5-step swim step

JOROS kuohu

Folding stair


JOROS tyven

Small bollard

JOROS suvas

Bollard with or without led light

JOROS korte

Cross bollard

JOROS ruoko


JOROS puula

Heavy-duty bollard with a led light

JOROS inari

Large bollard, with or without led light

Bench and table

JOROS kare

Bench and table frames

Railing post

JOROS kaisla

Hand rails with a led light

JOROS virta

Marine power supply

Railings and grips


Railings and grips