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Our Tommeller Space 4000 6-axsel 3D-modeling and measuring equipment enables us to verify the bended objects (tube accuracy +-0.08mm). The object data is programmed to the measuring equipment. After this the bended object is measured and the measurement data can be printed. The measurement data indicates the objects geometry L/R/A (length/rotation/angle).

The measured data can be transferred quickly and accurately to the CNC-bending machine. The operation radius of the measuring arm is 2.4 metres and it can be used for the tube diameters 1-150mm. If necessary also mobilizing the equipment is possible.


Our industrial designer works as a contact person in product development processes, prototype manufacturing and technical matters. Our target is to find solutions which fulfill the aims and needs of our clients both formally and technically to guarantee production and cost efficiency.


With our seven CNC-operated bending machines we are currently able to bend tubes as below.

One of the our latest investment is the most flexible, fully servo-operated, 13-axes bending automat Crippa N42E which loads the tubes automatically from the feeder.



We’re specialized in welding stainless and acid-resistant steels and therefore all our welders are qualified in TIG-welding.

Our machinery includes TIG-,  MIG-, MAG-, dot- ja orbital welding equipment and a 3 ABB IRB1400 welding robots with a rotating exchange magazine and a rotating table.

End Forming

Five tool spaces and rotating tools of our Endformer enable us to flange, reduce, expand and tap the tubular steels with various tools.


Our electrochemical polishing equipment represents the very best in industry. Our large polishing pools (Lengt 4000mm, width 1000mm, depth 1450mm) offer a possibility to polish large objects at once.

Electrochemical polishing suits to almost all shapes that are made from stainless and acid-resistant steel. Especially good it is when the shapes are complex and therefore extremely difficult or impossible to polish manually, for example wire products and housings. Because it doesn’t cause mechanical stress to the polished objects it is also suitable for polishing thin objects.

The waste water which is generated during the polishing process is treated and recycled. Only 5% of the used water is considered as waste, which is delivered to the waste management facilities to be properly disposed.


Endformer po26

Crippa CA 845

Crippa CA 542

Crippa CAN42E

Macri Provar 6-90U-D

   -  The PROVAR 6 Axis Series 90 is a fully automatic, 6 axes tube bending machine: bending (Y axis), advancement (X axis) and rotation (Z axis). The PROFAST Series 90 can bend tubes up to 90 mm in diameter and lateral movement of the positioner and of the mandrel (axes B1 and B2) and up-down movement of the head (axis A).

The PROVAR 6 Series 90 can bend tubes up to 101 mm in diameter and has three levels of equipment per fixed and variable radius or two different fixed radii.